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Courtesy of Jackson's own award-winning vegan food blog

Vegan Choices in Jackson, MS, Restaurants

This is a very subjective list of restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options.  Please use it as a starting point, but do not rely on it to make sure your meal is vegan.  Always check with your server about the ingredients and describe in detail what you want (or don't want!)  Often the dishes mentioned below are not on the menu and have to be special ordered or at least altered from how they appear on the menu.

If you live in the Jackson area and know of any restaurants with vegan dishes, please send information to vegan AT veganconnection DOT com.

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Aladdin, 730 Lakeland Dr, 601- 366-6033.  Middle Eastern; especially good hummus and baba ganoush.

Babalu Tacos and Tapas, 622 Duling Ave, 601-366-5757: Tableside guacamole, black-eyed pea hummus, vegetal tacos--All delicious!

Bravo Italian Restaurant, 4500 I-55 N., 601-982-8111: Has a several appetizers that can be done vegan (try the portobello mushroom), and the vegetarian plate with grilled vegetables and white bean hummus can be made without dairy.  NEW! The Vegano pizza is a delicious vegan pizza with cashew parm.

Cool Al's, 4654 McWillie Drive,  601-713-3020.  Absolutely the best veggie burgers, in several different varieties (my favorite is the West African Veggie Burger).

Edo Japanese Restaurant, 5834 Ridgewood Rd., 601-899-8518. Like most sushi restaurants, you can order rolls with cucumber, avocado, and asparagus. Ask to leave off mayo-based sauce. Unfortunately, the complimentary miso soup wasn't vegan the last time I asked.

Freshii, 748 MacKenzie Lane, Flowood, 601-718-0020. Chain offering salads, soups, burritos, and bowls with lots of vegan options.

Fusion Japanese & Thai Cuisine, 1002 Treetops Blvd Flowood, 601-664-7588. Best Thai in town, in my opinion, and most of the menu can be made vegetarian or vegan, but do specify that you don't want fish sauce. Try the Garlic-Pepper Tofu, Pad Thai with Tofu or Vegetables, Lama Five with Tofu. The Masamun Curry is the only one I've ever seen with avocado.

Hal and Mal's, 200 S. Commerce Street, 601-948-0888: Great place to hang out.  Has has a veggie burger that's vegan and a portabella burger.

High Noon Cafe, 2807 Old Canton Road, 601-366-1513: Jackson's only vegetarian restaurant, part of Rainbow Whole Foods Grocery.  Good food. (Be sure to go on Fridays for the Seaside Cakes!)  Open for lunch on weekdays, 11-1:30.  (NOTE: Recently they may have started serving non-vegan dishes, so check to make sure of ingredients before ordering and specify vegan cheese when you order.)

Keifer's Restaurant, 705 Poplar Blvd., 601-353-4976.  Middle-Eastern type food.  Vegetarian sandwiches, such as falafel, which can be made vegan with the omission of the standard sauce.

McAlister's Deli: A chain restaurant with several locations in the Jackson area.  Several vegetarian options which can be made without cheese, including baked potatoes, sandwiches, and chili.

Mellow Mushroom, 275 Dogwood Boulevard, Flowood, MS 39232-8605, (601) 992-7499. The only place in town (besides High Noon) to get pizza with vegan cheese, and it's delicious, piled high with vegan toppings and melty cheeze. 

Moes Southwest Grill, 1220 E Northside Drive, (601) 667-4753. Burritos, bowls, and salads that you design yourself with vegan beans and rice.

Sal & Mookies, 565 Taylor Street, Jackson, MS 39216, (601) 368-1919. Nothing vegan on the menu as written, but you can order a "New York-style" pizza with whatever you want on it or get a portabella burger or eggplant panini and have them hold the cheese. Check about the tomato sauce on pizzas: rumor is that it has cheese in it.  Good atmosphere on the patio/deck.

Spice Avenue, 4711 I-55 N Frontage Rd, Jackson, MS 39206,  (601) 982-0890: Formerly part of a grocery store, this revamped restaurant serves very good Indian food.  Vegetarian section on the menu; ask which dishes contain butter/ghee, cream, or paneer.  Lunch buffet always includes some vegetarian dishes.

Thai Time, 1405 Old Square Rd, (601) 982-9991: The restaurant that replaced Thai House is much, much better. All the curries can be veganized with tofu (they said they don't contain fish sauce). Unfortunately, the other stir-fry type dishes contain fish sauce, and the one time I had them leave it out, the result was very bland. Stick to the curries!

Tokyo Tasty Buffet, located across from Thai Time, puts chicken seasoning in everything. Avoid.


Recommended by Others

I haven't tried these restaurants myself, but they have been recommended to me by others.

Burgers and Blues, 1060 E. County Line Road. There used to be a veggie burger, but I don't see it now on the online menu.

Majestic Burger, 1067 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland. Vegan burger on the menu.

Crossroads Cafe, 398 US-51, Ridgeland. Soups, wraps, vegan burger.

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Updated August 8, 2017
Susan Voisin